Company Profile

New England Engineering Corporation is a full service Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire Protection (MEP & FP) engineering design and consulting firm. All designing is completed by seasoned professionals in the industrial, commercial, institutional, and residential construction industries. With professional licensure throughout the United States we can effectively cover a range of geographic locations. We take pride in our work and strive to earn client loyalty on every project.

Engineers from New England Engineering pride themselves in their continuing support of the engineering industry. Many are active members in several of the following prestigious Engineering Societies:

Core Competencies

• Ability to help our clients define their needs for their specific project within the constraints of building code requirements and project site infrastructure.

Mechanical Systems: Mechanical Code Analysis, HVAC calculations, equipment selections, design of duct and pipe distribution, process control and occupant comfort. Computer modeling of fluid pressure drops, heat transfer and overall HVAC system energy modeling and performance. ASHRAE Member.

Electrical Systems: Electrical Code Analysis, Design of Electrical Power Generation, Distribution, Fire Alarm, Lighting Design including Photometric Analysis. Computer modeling of power flow, short-circuits, protection synchronization, electrical transients and harmonic analysis. IEEE Member.

Plumbing Systems: Plumbing Code Analysis, Design of sanitary, waste, vent, storm water, potable water, natural and propane gas supply and hot water generation. Computer modeling of plumbing system pumps, gravity drainage, demand and supply. ASPE Member.

Fire Protection: Fire Code Analysis, Hazard Class Classification, and Water Supply Determination. Computer modeling and design of Fire Pumps, Jockey Pumps, Dry Sprinkler Systems, Wet Sprinkler Systems, Pre-Action Systems and Clean Agent Systems including Sprinkler Hydraulic and Fire Alarm Battery Calculations. SFPE and NFPA Member.

Green Building: Design and Certification: USGBC LEED Designer and Commissioning Agent. Hundreds of LEED Certified Projects including at the Platinum level. USGBC Member.

CAD and Computer Modeling: AutoCAD, Revit/BIM, Laser Scan to BIM, Carrier HAP Energy Modeling, Acoustics and entire MEPFP Systems Modeling.

Laser Scanning: 3D Point Cloud Registration and production of 2D and 3D BIM/CAD models of existing conditions.

Building Code and Life Safety/Fire Code Analysis: Including international and uniform building codes with individual state code amendments along with all referenced NFPA, ASHRAE, IEEE, ASPE, SFPE standards. 

• Unique status of Engineers holding both Mechanical and Electrical Degrees and Professional Engineering licenses which allows us to be expert coordinators in the MEPFP systems that we design.

• Hold National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) PE Record and currently licensed in NY, MA, NH, CT, ME, VT, PA, IN, FL, VA, MD, NC, RI, TX, AZ, CO, and CA.

• USGBC LEED Registered and Accredited with hundreds of LEED Certified projects including at the LEED Platinum Level.

• We can produce as-built drawings from laser scans.

• We can produce shop drawings for contractors.

• We are Building Code and NFPA Code experts.